How to Apply for Google AdSense 2021

Google AdSense has been widely used by businesses to monetize or make money from websites.  Google AdSense itself is an advertising program that is a partnership between website owners and Google.  There have been many influencers and bloggers who have used and implemented AdSense on their websites, blogs, and YouTube channel accounts.

 So basically you can monetize the website and YouTube that you manage using Google AdSense.  In addition to the process and its quite easy use, AdSense of course can also offer a fairly large commission advantage.  In addition to the website and YouTube which are more profitable in terms of finance, the advertisements that are placed on the website and YouTube can also be adjusted to the website and YouTube content that you have.

 Monetization from AdSense depends on several factors including the level of popularity of the website / YouTube, the targeted keywords, and the amount of advertising value offered by the account owner.  In addition, another advantage of using AdSense is that you can get complete reports and analysis of website visitor statistics and monetization results that can be accessed on the dashboard feature in detail, starting from the number of clicks, website popularity, popularity of pages containing ads, to total income.  AdSense, of course, has also been equipped with security features from Google that can be used to block unwanted ads.  How, already interested in trying to use AdSense on your website?  It turns out that registering for AdSense is quite easy!  Just follow these steps to create and implement AdSense on your website.

 Register for an AdSense Account

 At this stage, what you need to prepare is a Google account that you have (can be an email from Gmail or another Google account), a phone number and mailing address, and an active website (to be linked to AdSense later).  Then the stages after that are:

 Open the Google AdSense page

 Then click "start", and you will be taken to the AdSense sign up page

 Fill in the data correctly and accordingly, such as the website / YouTube address you want to associate with AdSense, and the email you have

 There will be a choice whether you should allow Google to send performance recommendations and tailored help, at this stage you should choose "yes" to maximize AdSense features and personalization.

 Click save and continue

 Select your country of residence - Indonesia

 Click "I agree" on the option review and agree to the AdSense terms and conditions

 Click "create account"

 Congratulations!  Your AdSense account has been created successfully.  After you finish registering, don't forget to take the next step, which is to activate your AdSense account so that your website can display ads on your site.  The method is quite easy, namely by entering your payment address details.  You just need to enter the address details on your profile.  When finished filling in, click "send".  After verification and activation of the AdSense account has been completed, then it's time to move on to the next step, which is creating AdSense ads

 Creating AdSense Ads

 In AdSense, there are two ways you can prepare ads on your site, namely Auto Ads and Ad Units.  Auto ads are ad settings done by Google, so you only focus on creating site content that you own.  Google will control which ads to display and the location or place of these ads.  The advantage, you can control all ads with just a button, the ad will also be automatically located in a strategic location even if accessed in the mobile version.

 Meanwhile, the ad unit is a more customized ad placement from the site owner.  You are free to adjust the type, size, and position of the ad you want on your site.  This ad setting is manual, so it needs to be placed one by one on the desired website page manually.  But of course this ad must also comply with AdSense policies.

 How to create an automatic ad is as follows:

 Log in to your AdSense account

 Click Ads> Overview

 Click "edit" next to the site you want to edit on your site table feature

 Enable "auto" on the "site settings" feature

 Enabling this feature means that you allow Google to optimize the next ad unit

 Click apply to site

 Choose a storage option, "apply now" or "run the experiment first"

 How to create an ad unit is as follows:

 Log in to your AdSense account

 Click ads> summary

 Click "by ad unit"

 Click "ad display", then give your ad unit a name

 Select the ad size you want to display, it is recommended to use responsive options.  But you can also customize the size of the ad you want

 Click "save" and get the code

 Copy and paste the code between the pages where you want to display the ad

 Click "done"

 Adding AdSense Ads to the Website

 After creating an ad, the next step is to link the AdSense ad on the website, here are the steps:

 Log in to your AdSense account

 Copy the code on the AdSense homepage

 Paste the code into the HTML of your web page between the <head> and </head> tags (if your website is WordPress).

 Don't worry, there's an 'edit' button if you enter the wrong URL for the site, and you can try to fix it again

 Confirmation has finished pasting the code, then click "done"

 One way to make sure you can get the maximum possible commission