THE MOST EFFECTIVE YOUTUBE TRAFFIC
     Average "people say that to increase traffic, must optimize
title, description, tags. But apart from that, there are some other things that are commonly used to increase traffic from YouTube ... here are some ways that can be used so that our videos are recommended by YouTube:

       Make a title that is interesting, maybe that's what most masters ask for, and what I used to do. But after a while I just realized, just an interesting title is not enough, you have to make a title that MAKES INTEREST, take advantage of the audience's emotions
already know this trick, and know that one video only uses the title click baiting, but clicks on the video because of the title ..
types of interesting titles:
1. Strange ,. An example: this girl found 20 twins around the world
2. Relating to religion, for example: this baby was born with the name Allah on his head
(usually added with the words MASYAALLAH, SUBHANALLAH, etc. at the beginning of the title)
3. Using numbers, for example: 12 unique facts about ants around the world
4. Using dots, for example: This man went into the cave, then ... (I do not practice this trick,
but lately I have seen a lot of videos using this stuff)
5. Using exaggerated words (hyperbolic, ehmm sorry, meaning hyperbole),
for example: the best dot a play erin the world, mostex pensive carin 2016, including in it
the words MASYAALLAH and SUBHANALLAH above, if the video is in English, usually the words are added: AMAZING, WOW, OMG
6.Educative, for example: how to make used materials useful again
7. Like an MLM ad or TV ad, you know a TV or MLM ad, yeah, just follow it.
the format, for example: This man marries 5 beautiful women at once. Do you want to know how?

, there are some tips that can be used for description, whitehat, or gray
1. Enter a title at the beginning and end of the description
2. Enter a description in the form of an article with keywords (like if you made an article for a website
3. Enter the subscribe link with the shorten url (just use goo.gl)

4. Enter the social media link (google +, facebook, twitter, instagram)

5. Enter the tags in the description (grayhat, sometimes can be banned, use with your own risk)

6 don't forget to include a link (wikipedia) about the topic you created at the end of the description (before the title at the end of the description)


for tags, now there are some who use the google keyword planner, some are using the keyword tool.io,
and a few other keywords, it's up to each. it's just that important, enter it
your channel name is the first tag, because this will be the reference for the channel tags
until when people watch one of your videos, your other video will
appears in the recommended sidebar to the right of youtube


Not many people know that images can also be optimized, right-click the image
your thumbnail, then go to properties, go to the details tab. in the DESCRIPTION section, change it
Title, Subject, Tags and Comment according to your video (title is in the title, the subject is in the content
short description, fill in tags with tags), then press APPLY
Then the important thing, make THUMBNAIL that is consistent and professional. That consistency
that means in terms of design (use of colors, fonts, thumbnail format). As much as possible
enter one of the 3 crucial elements, namely the image of a person (your own picture if you
for example you are a gamer, or a picture of a person running a sports clone, etc.), a picture of a woman
or a baby (for click baiting), and draw a zoom object (for example, Nichen, a car,
zoom of the car).

in other cases, many also use thumbnails with circles and red arrows. or thumbnails that are excessive (for example a video about the best magicians, the thumbnail has a picture of a striking person with a translucent nose, which is clearly edited.


Like thumbnails, when uploading a video, the name of the video can also be optimized, you can also add a description, tags, etc. the same way as the thumbnail above
Anyway, the title of this thread also includes click baiting, because it's redundant

Finally, good luck